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I cannot recall how I fell upon the promotion for The Witches Brew this past Autumn. But, I know I was drawn to it for multiple reasons. It was to be held in Downtown Los Angeles and a few of my favorite vendors were to be there. My intuition told me this wasn't to be any ordinary pop up. As my wish to work with @Creepy Kingdom was granted to just days before, I was over the moon with excitement. Here I was, about to cover my first event for the @Creepy Kingdom and this was the very first Witches Brew event. We already had so much in common. I was expecting the event to be good but, when I walked into the @Boomtown Brewery on Sunday, September 29th 2019, I instantly felt a connection to the energy in the room.

The music playing was by Bar Sinister's @jpeg01 whom I heard of but, never experienced first hand. He filled ears with literally all of my favorite dark wave songs. Weeks after The Witches Brew Jackie, the Mother of The Witches Brew, said it best, "It's like having a traveling Bar Sinister." What an idea! If @radcoffee could show up to events via food truck, why shouldn't the resident DJ's? @jpeg01 kept me swaying the entire event. If any photos came out blurry, you know why.

Speaking of new discoveries, the photo opps were innovative. I was able to see what I looked like before the picture was snapped. All courtesy of @photobooth.ohsnap1. It was like an open air photo booth session. Behold the selfie horror whore that I am! But, seriously, also check out the Haunted Mansion inspired backdrop that Jackie and her husband built! The fine art displayed is by Artists @caitlnmccarthyart and @Ben Russel.

I couldn't get over the creatives Jackie was collaborated with. Let me also mention that the VIP packages and donation money collected was for @Rock N Roll Rescue a unique animal rescue. A Pop-Up that gives to a charitable cause is one that I can always get behind.

The whole afternoon was filled with witchy vibes that included an epic performance by a gorgeous Winifred Sanderson. I raved about the Witches Brew all the way home and in the days following the event. I pleaded with Jackie to do another Witches Event. And she did!

A few weeks into October, I got the notification presenting La ofrenda, a Witches Brew Día de Muertos event. It was to be held at @Towne Park Brewery in Anaheim. Oh, do I know their brew! It's one of my favorites. So, once again, that connection to the Witches Brew and I was strong. This time, I purchased a VIP package for my husband and I and it was so worth it. Admission to La ofrenda was free but, with VIP you get a flight of beer (I always mention beer first) a cupcake by @SweetBelleCakes, a floral headband, and entry into a raffle. Both event's were kid friendly, so my minions came along too.

Each of the vendors at La ofrenda had an alter set up to honor their lost loved ones. Each one we observed was beautiful to say the least. There was one large ofrenda set up to allow all those who came to the event to place a picture of a departed loved one as well as an offering.

Once again, @jpeg01 was spinning his magical tunes and once again, I couldn't stop dancing. I think we have a thing going.

The evening was well spent with my family and wonderful conversations with the artists as well as with Jackie and her family.

On November 15th and 16th, the last Witches Brew event of the 2019 took place at a Victorian home in Pasadena. Ghouls and Boils, the Raven SociTea event was the cherry topping of all of the events I have attended this past Fall.

We were greeted by host @AJ Danna and walked into the backyard of this lovely 1800's home. There was a variety of tea to enjoy and when one was done, there were complimentary tea leaf readings by @Mystic Dylan. Fortunes and mis-fortunes were told by @Zachariah the Witch. Guests were also dazzled by a performance by @V.V. Venom

The fancy invitation, adorned with a wax seal and all, said light lunch was included but, the array of food was anything but. Once again, I was blown away by how the guests came dressed, to certainly impress, for the occasion. The event was so soft, intimate and it genuinely felt so exclusive. I was able to meet @Horror Vixen and @Backstich Bruja and other creatives I admire.

In all, I am grateful and oh so honored to have attended all three of the Witches Brew events. All of my gratitude goes to Jackie. Because of her creative vision manifesting, a coven of witches have come together and bonded in the lovliest of settings. In addition to being a conjurer of unique events, Jackie is a Mother, Wife and she also runs @Eyefancy Beauty, her own makeup line.

This beautiful woman has more Witches Brew events in store for 2020. Follow her on Instagram @thewitchesbrew

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