Tragic Vision

Updated: Feb 3

Live music was silenced in March of 2020. We all know why. Musicians took it just as hard as the fans they play for. When their tours were cancelled, many bands took a financial hit as well. It felt like a knife to the chest and, so all musicians were left with uncertainty about their future. What was left to do besides continue to make music?

The world was regaled with home-made music from Italians. From their balconies they serenaded their neighborhoods with their voices and, instruments. At the same time, Clone Culture, the post-punk band that simultaneously released their second album after just being signed to a label, was plotting what to do with the time that was taken from them. Their 2020 tragedy was not wasted on tears. The group's White Moth, Guitarist Marco Tafuri encouraged the trio to turn their gaze to the sea and, create a new vision, a change from their original sound.

Tragic Vision has been riding the reverbs for months. C