Twisted Christmas So glad I was naughty this year

Updated: Feb 1

I don't hate to break it to you folks. Being Naughty does pay off! I got everything I wanted this year and then some! I was naughty enough to become friends with some amazing personalities. One I've mentioned before and will again is Rick Creeper @rickcreeper. The mastermind behind the amazing Twisted Christmas.

"I wanted to do something that has never been done before." That is what Rick told me well before he revealed his post haunt season event. The beloved scare actor and spooky visionary was not about rest after the Haunts closed in early November. He was carefully planning a unique scary Xmas event in collaboration with @thefridacinema and @ghostpartyproductions. Twisted Christmas was a highly anticipated event the SoCal horror community couldn't wait for.

"I was looking forward to this more than Christmas itself." Said @favaandchianti

I couldn't agree more. After the stress of the over commercialized holiday itself, most of us horror fanatics needed not rest, we needed our sweet mayhem back. The 2019 Halloween season was Epic for so many of us, it was simply hard to let go of. I envisioned Twisted Christmas as a gift for all of us from Rick Creeper. And because Rick is so humble, the event was all for a good cause.

Leading up to Twisted Christmas, it was my honor to help promote the event on social media. Along with admirable personalities like Mike Santana @2HS, @animenji and @scardiecatvasquez being trusted to support such a fantastic mentor was such an honor.

With that, the event didn't dissappoint by any means. On Friday, December 27th 2019 I couldn't wait to join my @spookysquad69 and @Creepy Kingdom Family in celebrating Twisted Christmas. While, I wasn't sure if my manic mood would allow me to sit quielty through a Christmas Horror triple feature, but, Rick made sure that there was something for everyone. The triple feature consisted of iconic Black Christmas 1974, Dial Code Santa and Santa Claus. I've never seen Dial Code Santa and was told it's quite an experience so, I wanted to make sure I witnessed the film with my beloved horror family.

That plan was made before I got to the Frida. Once the doors opened at 7pm, the Twisted Christmas guests were greeted by evil elves and a quite disturbing version of Santa. Even by my standards. I knew it was going to be an epic night.

This was my first visit to The Frida. The atmosphere gave off a nostalgia that was quickly distracted by the smell of popcorn. The cinema also added special drinks for the Twisted Christmas event that stole my attention away from the popcorn.

Just being in the lobby, the whole atmosphere had me elated. Why couldn't the entire Christmas season feel this festive? Probably because the season was missing fog and creepy characters. One of my favorite features was the two choices the theater gave. One led into the theater where the movies were playing. In the other theater there was an impressive facade made by the talented youth, @michael_myyers from @1870 Haunt manor and @hullhouse haunt. Adding to the mayhem was a murderous Santa and Mrs. Claus ready for those brave enough to sit on this Santa's lap. Mrs. Claus kept tempting me with those cookies. Surrounding the facade were the talented vendors @monsterunderyourbedclothing @theartofsammyruiz @hellflowersoapcompany @whichcraft_ca @krystalenoir @von_drakenstein_art @halloweenpsycho @monstertease @urksdesign

No one was safe from the snowball fight. Snowballs could be found at the vendors tables and once hands grasped them it was on. During the showing of Black Christmas it is reported that a snowball fight broke out and Mike Santana's head deflected a few.

Twisted Christmas was an absolute success and perfect way to end 2019. All tickets sold for the event went towards sending The Frida's staff to the @arthouseconvergence. Rick's passion for the people and places he collaborates with nothing less than heartwarming and inspirational. However, this is only just the beginning for him. I look forward to more scares from the main Creeper! Well done my friend! Well done!

For more amazing photos of Twisted Christmas, visit @rickcreeper


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