V-Day Goodies for the Anti-Lover

Updated: Feb 2

Spooky people have been unofficially campaigning to cancel the nausea inducing Valentine's Day for some time. So, what do monsters do to make this noxious, hallmark holiday align with our aesthetic? We do what we are good at. We add blood!

Ok, we can't go around throwing blood on each other. The old ways of celebrating Lupercalia would land us in trouble and besides, who has that much blood on hand?

That wasn't a question meant to be answered.

* I remembered I have a gallon of fake blood under my bathroom sink.

Goths, Romantics, Vampires and Spookies alike always add a touch of Halloween to every holiday to make them tolerable and, fun. So, it's no surprise we are now able to celebrate the dreaded V-Day Halloween style. You see, Valentine's Day isn't for everyone. While mainstream V-Day retailers cater to couples and mushy love birds, we fiends don't leave out anti-lovers, and the broken hearted.

You already know by now, I have dedicated V-Day 2021 to vaginas, Bram Stoker's Dracula and BLOOD so, if you are looking for a gift for your Goth partner, anti-lover, side person, or your motherfucking self, check out what these spooky creatives have for you below.

Let me add that you'll need to get on these NOW. It's possible that some of the items below are already gone or, you just need to consider shipping times.


Check out these limited edition Dracula Ringer Tees!



For the spooky people who actually like V-Day, and, those who don't, Strangecvlt has you covered. I need the "Fuck Off" flats for everyday wear. Like Halloween, the phrase "fuck off" is part of my orange and black DNA.


I prefer dead roses. But, they have to live to die, right? For a touch of goth, touch of Disney and Tim Burton, take a look at Roshire.


You can literally wear your broken heart on your sleeve with Foxblood's Broken Heart Everyday Shredded Sweater.


While I appreciate tragic lovers in all forms, no couple comes close Dracula and Mina in my opinion. Oh, my to be loved the way Dracula loves Mina - oh, I am. But, to be offered immortality with the dangerous man of my nightmares...

Calm down, Michelle.

To honor the Mina or Dracula in your life, I recommend Caitlin McCarthy's beautifully captured prints of the best toxic couple of all time.

There are so many horror inspired creatives out there offering up some spooktacular tricks and treats for V-Day. It's always so hard to pick just a few but, I hope these inspire you to do some digging ( no exhuming graves, people ) to find just what you need to woe the anti V-day person in your realm.

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