A few weeks ago, 'The Writher’s' drummer, Rikkrtreat @rikkrtreat suggested I give

Vision Video a listen. Before I even heard their sound, I was floored by the band’s post-punk aesthetic. I am not exaggerating while describing the beautifully dark and, nostalgic images that the band emulates. Shortly after breaking the visual spell I was put under, I filled my ears with Vision Video’s sound and, let me tell you, my jaw and, invisible panties were on the floor! Vision Video captures the essence of 80’s Goth Pop and, still looks, sounds, and feels new! A time-warp of sound and, imagery. Post-punk is not dead! In fact, there is a surge of new sounds that give respect to the legends of the 80’s all while giving Goth’s something new to cry, dance and, make out to.

Vision Video is still so unique. There is something about the lyrics that don’t just scream the familiar “I understand your inner turmoil” tune. Theses songs are about something I couldn’t quite put my finger on but, could certainly feel. I wasn't able to get enough of Dusty, Dan, Emily and, Jason. Each bandmate is their own moving and, working part. Together they all deliver a shockwave of color and, sound. It’s cosmic!

Frontman Dusty Gannon is quite the remarkable creature. It’s obvious his love and, passion is with singing (Goth! He can sing!) and, melting faces with his guitar playing but, theres so much more to Dusty. He’s a First Responder for Atlanta Fire Department, ex-military, fucking intelligent, and a ridiculously talented make-up artist. You’ll see in during our chat below.

Afternoon Tea w/ Vision Video's Dusty Gannon

To my delight, I was able to spend an afternoon chatting with Dusty. I got to know him on a more personal level and, this is one conversation I look forward to adding to as time goes by. Never mind, the fact that I was so excited to be virtually face-to-face with Dusty-Fucking-Gannon, that I forgot to hit the record button at the start but, I’m grateful for the private introductions.

Boils and Ghouls, I’m sure you’ll enjoy and will become mesmerized by Vision Video’s sound and energy. Add Vision Video’s latest new single ‘Static Drone’ to your playlists now!

Full length album ‘Inked in Red’ will be released April 16, 2021

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