We Bleed Orange & Black by Jeff C. Carter

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

There is no cancelling of Halloween 2020! Grab your scarves made from autumn leaves, your favorite cozy blanket, light your pumpkin scented candle, sip on some hot cider and, open a copy of We Bleed Orange and Black by Jeff C. Carter. Comprised of 31 eye-popping, funny and, disturbing tales of terror, We Bleed Orange and Black is the warm fresh breath of autumn air Halloween fanatics need for this peculiar Halloween season.

Each story within We Bleed Orange and Black has a real life element to them making them even more scary. Especially “Copper Nails”, “Trunk or Treat” and, “Nearby Incidents” because suburban problems are more than just annoying. They can get disturbing especially when paranormal elements are added. In one story a Werewolf made sure his Star Wars themed ensemble would win the costume contest at party and, I can’t recall the last time Vampires sent chills down my spine.

I could have waited for October to read one story a day. But, the stories are too compelling. Reading each story is like reaching your hand into your trick or treat bag, feeling around for what you think is your favorite treat, and pulling out one even better than you hoped for. While the book is geared towards adults, Author, Jeff C. Carter doesn’t leave the kiddos out of the fun. There is a special index for the recommended family friendly/scaredy-cats stories within We Bleed Orange and Black, making it easy for kids and, their adults to avoid the macabre content within the other tales of terror. How thoughtful, right?

In addition, the book is sprinkled with poems and, lessons like noted in the story "The ABCs of a Healthy Halloween”. If you needed to know how to have “Halloween on Mars”, you’re covered! We Bleed Orange and Black is comparable to a big book of Halloween fun and Ray Bradbury’s HALLOWEEN TREE.

We Bleed Orange and Black is Michelle Halloween approved with a rating of five- out-of-five pumpkins.

Author Jeff C. Carter is a genuine Halloween fan. He has been his entire life. His stories have been featured in dozens of anthologies, translated for international markets and adapted for podcasts including the Reedsy story prompt contest (which he won),Transmissions from Punktown, Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions, A Mythos Grimmly, ‘eFiction’ and ‘Nightland’ magazine and the ‘Tales to Terrify’ podcast, among others.

You can pre-order your copy of We Bleed Orange and Black now. Publication date is October 6, 2020 in paperback and kindle format.

Pre-order your copy here :https://bit.ly/WeBleed

Jeff C. Carter can be found in Instagram @jeffc.carter

Website: JeffCCarter.com

Facebook and Twitter @carterwroteit

Goodreads and Amazon Author Page: Jeff C. Carter

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