We Bleed Red & Green takes a dark turn from the Tricks and Treats in Author Jeff. C. Carter's We Bleed Orange and Black.'As the nights grow longer, so do the opportunities to embrace scary stories, tales and myths that comes from the world's most celebrated Pagan holiday. Christmas! You heard that right.

Jeff C. Carter embraces the horrors of Christmas in We Bleed Red & Green. He spins 12 bone shivering tales stemming from myths and lore from Christmas song verses and, some mythical beasts you may have never heard of before. Don't get peppermint twisted, We Bleed Red & Green is not a merry and, cheerful collection of short stories. It's to stoke the flames of the underworld and, delight us Halloween and, horror fanatics while everyone else is in the midst of their holiday revelry. That being said, this one is NOT for young kiddos.

I have to give it Jeff C. Carter. Two of the tales in the We Bleed Red & Green unnerved me a bit. The others offer dark humor, a deranged Christmas carol and, an opportunity to decode a message that's way more concerning than Ralphie's.

Keeping things scary and strange, We Bleed Red & Green, is the perfect antidote for your post Halloween depression.

Releasing on November 24, 2020 you can stuff your stockings with a paper back or digital copy of We Bleed Red & Green this Horrorday season.

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