What The Fuck Is A Healthy Goth?

On World Goth Day 2020 I discussed how the Goth aesthetic was manifested from music and rebellion. The all black clothes and heavy dark makeup was like - is like - wearing the music. In the 80’s being goth meant succumbing to sadness and teenage angst. Goths, like the punks before them, crafted their fashion to be shocking and solemn. A goth’s eye make-up was artfully esoteric. From the perspective of the average citizen goths were just like punks. They were deemed hoodlums, dangerous and satanic. Parents were warned about the heavy metal and post-punk bands that were fueling their Goth children’s all black attire. Adult goths were “mopey two-stepping” at night clubs and would roam the streets in embrace before the sun rose. To the naked eye it would seem Goth’s are lathering themselves in animal tested makeup. It was assumed they drank too much and inhaled fiberglass by smoking Djarum Black cloves. Being the well known outcasts, it was also assumed Goths weren’t into physical activities as they were often found sulking on the bleachers or ditching physical education all together. All these years later, while the goths have grown up and the younger generation of goths are creating Goth sub-cultures, the assumptions that Goths are an unhealthful lot couldn’t be any more untrue. Perhaps the Healthy Goth is another facet of Goth Culuture.