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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Embracing who you are and the magick within you is a journey that you never reach an end to. It is a journey along the path of your Earthly life in which you may find yourself walking and then sprinting when you manifest your desires or feel clear and confident. It sometimes goes uphill and you may find yourself collapsing but always know you can rest and get back to working your magick. The moments of spiritual hardship will pass and become part of your workings. You can draw down the power of the Moon, align your workings with the planets, read all the books from the Witches you are drawn to and, of corpse, get readings and intuitive advice from said favorite witches.

I was always intimidated and, honestly, plain fearful of getting readings. I didn't want to feel misaligned with my own workings and manifestations. I also was afraid of what truths a fellow witch would discover about me. I like to keep my secrets.

I was first introduced to Zachariah The Witch during the Raven Socitea in November of 2019. Well, we didn't actually meet that day, but I was curious about the "very easy on the eyes" witch adorned with pearls and the classic fortune teller turban. Zachariah was so busy that day and I still had some reservations about being read in a public location. We officially met in February of 2020 at the Haus of Horrors Launch party. At first glance, Zachariah's presence is one of elegance, yet there is a fierceness about him. I felt like he was already reading me. But, his blue eyes were comforting. I figured we had time.

That time came in late May when Zachariah took over The Witches Brew's Instagram account. I was comfortable asking him my question. I was already following Z, watching the first episodes of Around the Cauldron on his instagram live, admiring how he captures moments of magick in perfect images, and reading the beautiful captions that described the photos. But, it was the photo below that drew my fingers to DM Zachariah for a reading.

This photo holds so much energy. I wanted to not only have Zachariah do an intuitive reading for me, I wanted to ask his advice on his writing process. Our virtual conversation was heavy with truth and enlightenment. Everything Zachariah read about me was spot on. Everything he revealed...oh my! The way it poured out of him had me vibrating with energy. I didn't want to do anything other than sit and write about the experience in my journal. I wrote down everything he said in a hurried panic so I wouldn't forget any of it. Yet, there was no need. It was all within me. Zachariah just drew it out.

Just a few hours later, Z and I were chit-chatting non-stop. He invited me to come on as a guest of Around The Cauldron. I was grateful and so honored to be given a platform to share my journey, so far; especially on the platform of such an incredible Witch! Not too long after that episode of Around the Cauldron, Zachariah went live with @mysticdylan. The two were set to discuss being male, queer witches. Zachariah's knowledge of the occult and so many other facets of witchcraft astounded me. I have befriended a truly intelligent witch. Zachariah's understanding goes beyond knowing about hundreds of deities and workings of Occultists from the past. Zachariah is also Mother Earth's lucrative voices.

Less than three days later, George Floyd was murdered. Not long after, I watched Zachariah take to the streets at Pan Pacific park to protest and walk in solidarity with POC in Los Angeles...

Zachariah is white, queer, male, and a witch. I knew, I still know, that there are sprits of the unheard speaking through Zachariah. I could feel it. My point is, seeing that moment as heartbreaking as it was, moved me to tears and gave me a sliver of hope. My entire spirit was moved. Writing this, I am brought to tears.

Why? Because I was witnessing a white, queer, male, witch recognize his white privilege, acknowledge that he will never know what its like to be black, and how he will use his platform to bring awareness to police brutality. Zachariah was the first white male I have ever had the fucking pleasure of being connected with to do this. And, I spend a lot of time around white people.

Since then, Zachariah has dedicated much of his time channeling the voices of the unheard and, let me tell you, he is loud. As a bi-racial, awakened witch, I am full of gratitude for what he is doing. I believe the spirits of those who's blood was spilled at the hands of oppression, racism and, homophobia are speaking through Zachariah. He has dedicated himself to speaking for the unheard. He has been on countless open forums and, town halls. He is blowing up the phones of local politicians, calling out those not using their platforms to show their support for Black Lives and, as I write this, is outside standing up to four Pasadena City Police Officers for harassing a black women simply adding to a Black Lives Matter mural.

Zachariah the Witch calls on every witch out there to use their magick to defend POC, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people. He doesn't give a shit what followers he loses when he makes the calls to Defund the Police. He is allowing his platform to be used to share the stories of protestors, women of color in certain parts of the country being sent letters to vote Republican, while still managing to do readings and support his fellow witchy community.

Zachariah, I know we talked about making sure we are both being more inclusive of our BIPOC brothers and sisters, but I couldn't move forward without bringing down a light on you. You are exactly the one human that white people should listen to and take advice from in order to dismantle systemic racism.

It will be awhile before we can see Zachariah on stage performing alluring burlesque. But, since COVID and being a huge ally in the movement, Zachariah has been featured on the Poetry Brothel's Streamers & Dreamers and The Witches Brew Virtual Event. Zachariah is an esoteric witch that, I can assure you, will open your mind, heart, and spirit if you are willing to listen and accept what truths lay before you.

If you could use some intuitive guidance, tarot reading, or writing ritual advice visit Zachariah the Witch at or on IG @zachariahthewitch

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