Zachariah The Witch

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Embracing who you are and the magick within you is a journey that you never reach an end to. It is a journey along the path of your Earthly life in which you may find yourself walking and then sprinting when you manifest your desires or feel clear and confident. It sometimes goes uphill and you may find yourself collapsing but always know you can rest and get back to working your magick. The moments of spiritual hardship will pass and become part of your workings. You can draw down the power of the Moon, align your workings with the planets, read all the books from the Witches you are drawn to and, of corpse, get readings and intuitive advice from said favorite witches.

I was always intimidated and, honestly, plain fearful of getting readings. I didn't want to feel misaligned with my own workings and manifestations. I also was afraid of what truths a fellow witch would discover about me. I like to keep my secrets.

I was first introduced to Zachariah The Witch during the Raven Socitea in November of 2019. Well, we didn't actually meet that day, but I was curious about the "very easy on the eyes" witch adorned